Trust an Expert With Your Property

Our site prep company serves Missoula, MT

Breaking ground on an excavation project starts with finding the right team. Gold Peak Excavating is a local excavation and site prep company based in Missoula, MT. We specialize in underground infrastructure work, so you can depend on us when it's time for the complicated parts of your project.

We'll pull the proper permits for your job and check your property for existing underground lines before digging. Call 406-529-0904 today to arrange for excavation services. We offer military, veteran and senior discounts.

Taking The Reins Of Your Project

You must handle site prep before moving forward with a construction or landscaping project. For this important first step of your project, let our experts take charge. Our services include:

  • Sewer line replacement services
  • Water line replacement services
  • Grading services
  • Land grading services
  • Site prep services
  • Lot clearing services
  • Road building services
  • Road development service
  • No matter how extensive your project is, we'll make sure it proceeds smoothly. Our experts will take care of your property and make sure your space is ready for future work. Contact us now for a free estimate on excavation services.

    Our Local Expertise

    The demands of excavation projects are unique and must be met by an expert. Plus, it's best to work with someone who understands the layout and makeup of the land. At Gold Peak Excavating, our owner has over 44 years of experience doing excavation work in the Missoula Valley area.

    With this history, we can confidently navigate any excavation project nearby. We understand the challenges that working in this area presents, and we know how to handle them. Start moving forward with your excavation project. Reach out to our site prep company today.